We live in interesting times –  a statement that becomes truer the more often it is said.  The world seems ripe for upheaval and dare we say, revolution. Yet, It remains to be seen how these things things will (or better put should) take place.  It was this kind of thinking that led to calling this new project,  this new venture, Subversive Liberty.

To subvert is to undermine the authority in power, and the principles that have been championed by the Liberal Tradition in the past (of and pertaining to freedom and liberty for the individual) are lost in a world wrought with post-Marxian constructs, progressive government policies, and  Keynesian economics.  While freedom is intuitive and often times understood as  “common” sense,  the rise in what we will call political thinking and calculation over philosophical roots mean that to speak of human freedom – real human freedom – is to subvert the very system that so many  in power have longed for,  striven towards and succeeded in obtaining.

It is those people that we undermine,  it is them we stand against,  and it is liberty we hope to see held as a first principle for humanity. We ask that you keep an open mind and remember, if we fear what we do not understand, the answer must be to try and understand everything.

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