About Us


Brian Thornton, Jr.

Founder and Host

Brian is founder of the Subversive Liberty Project. A student of philosophy, he believes in promoting the ideas of a free society based around private property, free markets, and civil spontaneous order. Brian’s philosophical roots are in skepticism but for civil matters – that is to say politically – he accepts self ownership as a valid axiomatic claim. Brian started Subversive Liberty to create a platform dedicated to providing a voice against  progressive and socialist ideas, and more importantly to educate all people on the merits of a free society.


Cahleel Copus

Co-Founder and Host

Cahleel is a college student studying political science and legal studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has work with Young Americans for Liberty, The Leadership Institute, Students for Liberty and other affiliated liberty nonprofits groups. His extensive role within youth liberty movements gives him an interesting look at the future of liberty movements as well as the ongoing philosophical discussion that permeate the movement.


Matthew J. Cannizzo

Founder and Advisor

Matt helped found the endeavor that is Subversive Liberty.  He firmly believes  liberalism, understood properly, is the most peaceful and efficient way to solve problems with fellow humans. A grassroots activist for organizations like Young Americans for Liberty, the Leadership Institute, and Americans for Prosperity, Matt knows we must act if we want a more free and peaceful world. Deeply humbled by his upbringing, he has become passionate about how civil society can empower and uplift those who are disadvantaged.