Subversive Minute #7 – what about excessive profits?



From a young age we are propagandized to think negatively of the word profit.
We’re told that there are fair profits which are ok but also excessive profits that the government must then take to give back to the people.
But here’s the thing – profits in any form are a signal that consumers are finding value in a product or service. It tells the entrepreneur they should keep doing what they’re doing, but more importantly it signals to their competition that they should enter the field.
It is competition after all that drives innovation and lowers prices not government regulations that are crafted by lobbying groups for established business interests in a given field.
The free market is not a zero-sum game, and we should not support progressive politicians who want to regulate, dictate, and mandate the conditions of business at the behest of the same established interests they purport to rail against.
Stand instead for competition and the ability of individuals to succeed but more importantly fail in business without government protection, and you might be shocked at how little those “excessive” profits seem to matter.
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