Subversive Minute #3 Tax “reform”



We’ve heard a lot about tax reform this last few weeks and now the republicans have their first “win” in the form of a 500 page that no one bothered to read in full before only 51 senators voted yea. This is par for the course, the House is going to pass their own 500 page bill next, and then all the really important people get to come together to pass what i’m sure is going to be yet another 500 page bill that Trump will most definitely sign because “there’s going to be so much winning” in his administration.
Listen, at best this plan is coat of fresh paint over a dilapidated barn because it does nothing to stop the uncontrolled spending, budget deficits, and irreconcilable debt that will be the burden to bear of the rising generation. I challenge you to stand for something more than partisan politics, don’t accept the same song and dance from those who pull wool over your eyes and tell you its for your own good. Cast aside your blindfold and stand for principle, and even if we don’t agree I will salute you.
My name is Brian Thornton, and this has been your subversive minute. Be sure to check out to follow us everywhere and find more great content like this.

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