The Subversive Minute (Episode #2)

Video text:

Libertarians and Labeling

Welcome to the second installment of Subversive Liberty Minutes.

Today we are going to discuss something very important: mislabeling the left. Too often, libertarians become excited when coming across leftist stories or other political shenanigans. So happy are these libertarians that they throw out words like “socialist!” or “communist!”

How irresponsible of them.

Communism and socialism are serious ideologies, not to be conflated with the layman leftist. Nor should these labels be thrown around because it gets you likes or shares.

The application of these ideologies have killed millions, so let’s not forget that. As much as you want it to be true, beltway neoliberalism has not done nearly as much damage as communism or socialism.

Like the word “fascist”, these words seem to be losing their meaning as they are attributed improperly to ideologies and ideologues which do not espouse the same definition nor carry the same weight.

As the movement grows, we need to be careful about labeling. We don’t want to be intellectually dishonest, as philosophy is our strongest weapon. We must be consistent and true to the reality of the ideas we criticize.

My name is Cahleel Copus and this has been your Subversive Liberty minute.

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