The Subversive Minute (Episode #1)

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What Libertarianism Needs

Welcome to the first ever Subversive Liberty Minute. In this series, our contributors will give their views on current issues as well gripes that they have with the direction of the movement.

And believe there are many.

And I’m sure that you all have issues with the direction of the movement. Even if you agree with the libertarian down the street, you must admit that there are serious issues with the movement.

It is obvious that infighting has become insufferable. Some libertarians are proud of the direction of the country in electing Trump as president while others are extremely worried. I am certainly concerned with the manner in which some libertarians have placed the president on a pedestal. I am also concerned with the absurd amount of libertarians that have turned from the science of economics to the social sciences of culture. It is quite interesting that these libertarian cultural warriors have overcome all research and have boiled down the issues of the United States to cultural issues.

Regardless of their attempts to make a complicated problem simple, here are some major issues with the direction of the liberty movement.

First – Everyone wants to be a scholar. Most of the intellectual heavy lifting has already been completed by intellectual monsters like Mises. We don’t need the ideas stated again. They have already been said.

Second – People focus too little on applying their ideas to the market. If you have a good idea, bring it into reality. Make the product or service and sell it. Donate to worthy libertarian causes after that.

Finally – Read something other than political or economic boo ks. It is fantastic that you understand the Austrian business cycle, but have you heard any other literature? Have you picked up a novel by Tolstoy, Camus, or Nabokov? Maybe even an Agatha Christie novel? Understand things outside of libertarianism.

My name is Cahleel Copus and this has been your Subversive Liberty minute.


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