Ep. 18 Sharebait (and Communism) is bad, mkay?

In this episode I give you some quick tips about how to spot clickbait and sharebait, I then quickly move to give an example of an article that I recently came across (that plays to my biases) and end the episode breaking down the data that was used by the article, where I’ll discuss the importance of sample sizes, and my views on why people have such a favorable view of communism and socialism. As always, be sure to share the show and check out subversiveliberty.org/subscribe to follow us everywhere and let us know your thoughts.

Articles mentioned

Let’s work together, stop spreading sharebait – Subversive Liberty

Millenials: Communism sounds pretty chill – MarketWatch (sharebait)

Victims of Communism Survey

Victims of Communism Website





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