Ep. 15&16, My interview with candidate John Mathey

Earlier this week, I sat down with John Eldon Mathey who is a candidate for Illinois’ 70th assembly district. John is a native to his district, a homeowner, a father, and a libertarian who wants to use his voice and platform to contribute to reforming Illinois’ broken government. We touch upon a range of topics including his personal story, why he chose to run for office, why he became a libertarian, what his platform entails, as well as some of the solutions he and his team are working on. I really enjoyed talking with John and look forward to doing so again. You can listen to the whole interview on YouTube, or subscribe to the podcast to listen to it broken up into two episodes. Editor’s note – the audio is a little finicky at times, but you can understand everything that was said clearly and easily. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode!

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Connect with John.
Twitter: @Mathey4Liberty
Facebook: @JohnEMathey4Liberty
Website: http://mathey4illinois.com/



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