The Deep State and the Illuminati Killed John Lennon to Cover Up a Hetero-normative Cis-gendered Alien Conspiracy Found in Secret Papal Papers

If you didn’t know, now you do.

But really, why are news organizations making clickbait material? It seems that every time you go on your favorite social media platform, there is some type of headline that plays fast and loose with the facts. Why are we accepting fake news? To answer this, we might want to look within.

We are all guilty of listening to and reading material that supports our own ideas. We read our daily Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN while listening to Rush Limbaugh or NPR. This wouldn’t be a problem if we actively discerned the good news from the #fakenews. Of course, many of us don’t.

Look at these clickbait titles:


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Crazy titles, right? The problem comes when people who agree with the philosophy and ideas of these articles stop caring about their legitimacy. Rather, they would read these stories without any care for the truth because their ideas have been reaffirmed by the writer.

This is also a huge problem within American media companies as they are racing to get hot stories on their website rather than validate the facts and analysis they are claiming. Writers and editors are fighting to out-compete each other to get a story together in order to generate traffic to their website. Some are even doing it solely for the income.

Here is the point: read books, not fake news. With books, authors are forced at length to verify their beliefs and are often criticized if they put out a belief with shaky logic. Books also offer a more complete understanding of one’s beliefs rather than a short summary with many assumptions, like many news articles are forced to do.

If you genuinely want to make yourself a better communicator of your ideas and more fully explain your beliefs, read books.

If you are a commentator who is just interested in making money or manipulating the truth, remember that you are creating a society disinterested with reality. It might make you happy now, but it certainly won’t be a society you will want to live in later.

Here are some books we recommend reading to get the basic ideas of liberalism, properly understood:


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  1. loveandwine31

    I enjoy this article. I will also check out the books you talk about and the title was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen today so thank you sir!

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