No, Socialists, You Are the Slave Masters (Not Liberators)

The socialist goal? Enslave the people.

Socialists often refer to capitalism as “wage slavery” or “slavery to the one percent.”  Using abstract definitions (essentially definitions that fit their agenda), they confuse their beliefs with peace and liberation. However, a simple review of socialism shows otherwise. In fact it is socialism, not capitalism, that is the philosophy of enslavement.

They will deny it, vehemently, and claim themselves as liberators of the people. They will attribute the word “slavery” to any voluntary work while believing peaceful exchange is a violent, capitalist construct. Essentially, “Peace is Violence, Voluntary is Coerced, and Capitalism is Enslavement” is their mantra.

The problem they face, however, is trying to explain how capitalism, (a nonviolent and free exchange of goods, services, and labor based on private property and incentives) is slavery and socialism (an absurdly violent overthrow of private property, focus on central planning, a majoritarian claim over individual rights, and forced labor) is freedom.

So what is capitalism? It’s easy. Capitalism is the only way one can learn skills, apply them, and become wealthy all while providing great products and services to customers in the community. Most importantly, this is all done free of violence. Slavery, and thus violence and coercion, are all philosophically inconsistent with capitalism as capitalism requires voluntary agreement to terms and compensation incentives for someone to work.

Socialism and Marxism on the other hand is literal slavery. Under these systems, you no longer work to achieve a free and happy life. Rather, you work based on what the majority tells you to do. There is no way out of this system as the majority has taken individual property, seized the means of production, and own the gun of the government. This is no exaggeration. This is their philosophy.

Instead of voluntary deciding your path, what skills you decide to learn, and what employers you decide to associate with, socialism, and the people that control government, decide that all for you. In their philosophy, you are violently forced to work for what central planners call “the benefit of others.” You don’t work for your own happiness, you don’t work for the well-being of your family and friends, nor do you work for the fulfillment of your soul. You work at the threat of violence.

Qualifying socialism as slavery is no exaggeration.

In this philosophy, you are forced to work, not because of a biological need to survive, but out of fear of execution or prison (the Gulag). There is no cooperation for mutual benefit. There are no salaries giving you incentives to learn a skill. There is no true compensation for your effort. You are simply a piece, a slave, in their socialist machine.

Why socialists refuse to understand their own philosophy is a question worth it’s own academic study. However, the story of capitalism and socialism is clear. In nature, poverty is the starting point and you work to survive. You can compel nobody to work for you unless you exchange a good for a service or you engage in violence. Capitalism allows you to live, attain wealth, and escape the state of poverty natural to life, as long as you provide a valuable service to consumers in the community. Socialism doesn’t change the basic level of poverty that nature puts you in, but rather claims ownership over the individual through state violence while forbidding any voluntary exchange as a means to escape poverty.

If you believe that you and other people should not be slaves, but rather should live free and take personal responsibility, you are the liberator. You are against slavery and against stealing property and labor for your personal benefit.

If you don’t, however, it is clear that you are a slave master. You hold violent tendencies without care for ethics or individuals. Slavery and violence are within your principles.

Socialism will always be against free people and free minds. Don’t let their contradictory rhetoric manipulate you.



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