3 Things I Learned Talking to Antifa

A new form of communist activism has appeared across the United States. The Anti-Fascist (Antifa) coalition has made it their mission not only to fight fascism, but to unite with the socialist organizations and working unions to spread the deadly ideas of communism.

Recently, the Young Americans for Liberty-UW Madison chapter organized a rally in support of free speech on campus that took place next to an Antifa rally. Needless to say, the support for free speech was much stronger than the support for any workers party or Antifa ideology. (Picture)

During the rally and others before, I talked to supporters of Antifa to figure out what they’re about. Here is what they told me.

They Don’t Learn From History

Discussing history with a communist is a difficult venture. Often the same arguments of “That wasn’t real communism!” and “That was state capitalism!” surface. The Antifa are just the same. When asked about even the most obvious truth surrounding deaths related to communism, they vehemently deny the relation.

The only reason, it seemed, that 94 million dead wouldn’t phase Antifa was because they believe their new, Antifa-approved version of communism could produce no deaths. History, and the millions of people that were murdered, starved, sent to concentration camps, and enslaved under various forms of communism, would say otherwise.

It is also worth mentioning that social movements that are violent, like the Antifa, have a much lower success rate than movements viewed as non-violent. They could learn something from history here, too.

They Think They Are Libertarians

Although they will obviously deny this claim, talking with them exposed that they try to conflate the principles of libertarianism (the Non-Aggression Principle, especially) with their own ideology. When asked if they believe in violence, their response was overwhelmingly “only in self-defense.” While this is truly the libertarian stance, they go further and claim that people wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat are committing a violent act and can thus be aggressed against in the name of self defense.

Not only is this a complete mischaracterization of the Non-Aggression Principle, but they make a serious contradiction in the way they view slavery. They view themselves, like libertarians, as against slavery. However, they don’t see a contradiction between being-anti slavery and pro-forced labor in the name of the collective or “common good.”

They Promote Violence

This one is more obvious as the nation has seen videos of Antifa fighting Trump supporters. At the rally in Madison, Antifa supporters explicitly called for violence against all those that oppose their social agenda.

The Antifa believe themselves to be more than what they are. They believe themselves to be fighting against the status quo all while empowering the status quo of state violence. They are not fighting to liberate people, but fighting to enslave. They do not care about the history of their philosophy, but care only about themselves. They do not hold a peaceful ideology nor do they hold moral superiority. They are only fighting against peace and social cooperation and its about time they figure that out.

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