Quick Thoughts on Utopia,

Chances are if you believe that individualism, free markets, and private property are preferable to collectivism, government control, and redistribution, you have been accused of being a “Utopist” of some form or another. Oftentimes we will be charged with neglecting human nature, or the supposed greed that consumes every person as soon as they’re in any occupation besides government “service.” Liberalism however, (understood properly of course) makes no such claim to perfection, and has never been considered to be a proper goal of a free society. This stands in stark contrast to the many Socialists of old who believed that they could change the nature of humanity merely by forcing them to obey via the gun of government. Intruding into all aspects of life, including the kind praised by eugenicists of the American Progressive movement was necessary – because laissez faire and liberalism took too long they the experts must intervene. The results of course were horrible policies like limiting working hours for women to protect men from competition, minimum wage laws to protect Anglo-Saxons from immigrants and freed slaves, and the slow but steady centralization of government power.

There should be no question, the perfect world cannot be planned, it cannot be imposed from a central location, and it frankly cannot be.

A better world can be had though, if people agree to live in peace, respect the property of their fellow humans (beginning with self-ownership), and allow markets to operate – that is to say a world where we are free.


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