Episode 0. The Ten Guide Posts


These are the ten… guide posts? ideas? mooring lines? I’m not entirely sure what to call them. They give a very brief overview of what we are trying to accomplish with Subversive Liberty. If you would like to listen to a longer explanation about these ideas check out episode 0 of our podcast.


  1. Never cede moral supremacy to collective schools of thought.
  2. Cast doubt and withhold assent. The world has never been black or white, it hasn’t even been grey. It has been both, neither, and everything. A rainbow, ultra violet, and absence.
  3. Political thinking tends towards “either or” we want to think in terms of “either and.”
  4. The political process necessarily corrupts any ideas it takes up. Remove political calculation as a primary motive.
  5. Personal growth and knowledge are more important than rhetorical mastery.
  6. Use language that doesn’t contradict your beliefs, understand the difference between discourse and regurgitation. Understand where your ideas and words spring from. Most people do not “know” they believe what they’re told.
  7. Understand we fundamentally disagree with currently accepted orthodoxy.
  8. There is no utopia, and as such  all answers cannot be provided. That is the point of inquiry, of philosophy, we keep asking
  9. Never forget to speak with love for your fellow humans, no matter how difficult.
  10. While we may use libertarian for ease of definition. Free markets, private property, and civil spontaneous society is the liberal ideology and we want the word back.

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